Quarantined Process

Quarantine Process


At Puddle Aquatics the main objective we have is keeping our pet fish happy and healthy. So, they can arrive to you the exact same way. To achieve this, we do quarantine all our livestock some in different ways than others, but we do make sure that every fish and invert goes through a process. For our normal quarantine process our fish arrive and then are placed in either a fresh water or peroxide bath depending on how well they are doing after shipping. Sometimes we will hold then in a separate system until they are stronger and have a better chance to make it through the process.


After the initial bath they will placed in a copper treatment at a therapeutic level for a minimum of 14 days symptom free. If they have been in QT for 13 days and would happen to break out in ich then they would be kept in copper for another 14 days with being system free. After the copper process some fish will also go through a Fluke Prozi or Formalin bath. It all depends on the species of fish as well if we saw any signs of flukes when the fish arrived.


Once they have completed the process, they are them kept in a holding system and placed on the website as available. We feed many foods from live foods to pellets depending on the fishes required diet. We will soak most foods in a vitamin solution such as one made by Brightwell to maximize their health. We do all we can to make sure that the fish can live a health and happy life for many years to come in your aquarium. We will also clean out their digestive systems if we find reason to believe they could have something going on internally.


As for our inverts we will scrub snail shells when they arrive onsite as will let our shrimp molt several times to insure, they are also happy and healthy. We feed them a healthy diet as well that maximizes the overall health of the invert. We will change out tanks as well as a lot of water in both our fish and invert systems throughout the entire process. We are please to offer our livestock to customers knowing that your new pet will now have the best chance to thrive in their new home.