*Coming Soon* The REEFBOXX II (12-36 Volt) Dual Outputs

*Coming Soon* The REEFBOXX II (12-36 Volt) Dual Outputs

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The Reef Boxx II is the latest patent pending automatic backup switch that allows users to connect battery backup in many different configurations. Its what will save your fish in a power outage and is a dream come true for the DIY aquarium keeper. you simply plug in your power brick a battery source of your choosing and then the pump that you wish to back up and that's it. When the power goes out the Reef Boxx II will automatically switch over to battery power and when the power comes back on it will automatically switch back. You can even charge your phone while the power is out


The Reef Boxx II is the 2nd edition of the original Reef Boxx but is rated at 12-36 volts and has two outputs that work with just about any 12 to 36 volt DC pump no matter the brand. You BYOB (Bring Your Own Battery) 12 volts 36 volts, short or long amp hour you choose how long you want your pump to run when the power goes out. SLA, Life PO4, There are so many possibilities. Its all in how you wish to set it up. If you are running a 24 or 36 (Ecotech) setup we recommend purchasing a Boost Converter so that you can still setup with one battery. We offer these in our sure and they come with the wiring kit to get everything connected. Don't know much about batteries and setup? I will be happy to help you get it all figured out.


You will receive the Reef Boxx II, along with two output cables and everything you need to connect it to your battery setup. I have a few videos on YouTube to help make it as easy as possible and I am here to help with any questions or setup help that you may need. I am here to help you get everything connected.


Currently the Reef Boxx II is made to order 100% by hand. There is no assembly line or mass production. I make each and every one and test each one multiple times before I ship it to your door. It normally takes about one week from the time I receive your order to the time I ship it out to you. Shipping is a flat $10 UPS in the US. And now shipping top Canada as well. Shipping to Canada is calculated at checkout. And as always local pickup is available.


Make sure to choose your battery termination style that works with your battery setup. Right Terminal Or Spade Terminal. I will make your ReefBoxx II with the terminals that you need to connect your battery which will save you time not having to run out for any parts to connect your batteries. If you are not sure which one you need text or call me and I will be happy to help.

The latest Reef Boxx II is very compact measuring approx 3-7/8" x 2-5/8' x 2". Available in Black or White.

Includes a 1 Year Warranty.