Willow's Reef CoralFeast 30 grams
Willow's Reef CoralFeast 30 grams

Willow's Reef CoralFeast 30 grams

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  • CoralFeast is made with nine all-natural 100% aquatic ingredients to help promote your corals' best growth and color. There are no fillers of ANY kind like corn starch, flours, yeasts, fish protein powder, garlic powder, or bioenhancers.

    CoralFeast is milled in an FDA-certified factory. It is milled and sifted with a 300-micron screen, leaving a 300 to 500-micron particle size, making this ideal for all NPS, LPS, and SPS coral. It is also ideal for sponges and clams. The size aids in the digestion for maximum nutrient absorption. More absorption, less excrement.

    The milling removes all impurities, making it cleaner than any other coral food currently on the market. For best results: Add a high-quality amino acid-like AminoFeast+ and a probiotic to a container and mix thoroughly. It is also recommended adding CoralFeast as an ingredient when you feed frozen food, as this will boost the overall nutrition and help with the appetite for picky fish.


    • Formulated To Stimulate Coral Growth & Color
    • 300 Micron Size - For LPS, SPS, & NPS Corals
    • 100% All Natural Ingredients Maximized For Coral Growth & Nutrition
    • ZERO FILLERS- Unlike Other Brands On The Market You Get Your Moneys Worth
    • Nutrition - Feeds All Your Corals Without Raising Harmful Phosphates In Your Aquarium, Unlike Other Foods On The Market
    • Ingredients: Whole Krill; Freeze Dried Rotifers; Arctic Copepods; Whole Brine Shrimp; Apocalypse Royi; Spirulina Powder; Porphyra umbilicalis; Palmaria palmata; Ulva lactuca